Welcome To The OLD FARTS RUNNING CLUB Official Web Site

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Out Running the Hands of Time...

Welcome to the Official Old Farts Web Site!

OK all you Old Timers and Youngsters...come run in some Old Fart Events...but do not think that because we are the Old Farts that any of our events are a push over! We have the the challenge known as "The Mummy"  that is so scary tough that it make even the toughest of Grandpa's teeth rattle!!!....so be afraid...be very afraid!!!

Not to scare you off but most runners come from out of state because they don't know any better. We hope you can come and run in anyone of our great races in the upcoming season. We also encourage you to become an Official Old Fart Club Member so that you can receive a $5.00 race discount on all the Old Fart Races. So come on out and experience any one of our great races and we will guarrantee you that you will never forget the race you run because they are so much fun. Great Aid Station worker, challenging courses and great swag!

It does not matter on the AGE that you are but upon the effort that you give...If I could have done it all over again, I would have encouraged more, seeked the impossible, and would have been trying to do what others  thought I could not have done a lot more often... 

OLD FART MISSION STATEMENT: We the willing, led by the unknowning, are doing the impossible for the sometimes ungrateful. We have done so much for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing, for nothing.

There is something to be said when you've been at this sport as long as we have and are still competitive.

We are here to help you, to encourage you, and to give you that pat on the back that you never got when you were trying to do the things that you could have done all along if you just had had that encourager.

Cn't Wait for 2019!!!

Come on out and run the fun!

Email us for any club membership questions, only $5 bucks to join for a year...print off the sign up form and mail it in today  to  become an Official Old Fart Running Club Member!!! AS A MEMBER you will not only become an Official Old Fart and get a certificate to PROVE IT...but you will also receive a one year membership card with your card # on it and it will be good for one year for $5.00 bucks off any Old Fart Sponsored Road Race as an official member...thats a savings of over $20.00 off the road races that we host! So don't delay, become an official Old Fart today!

$5.00 discount applies to all club races...the Beat the Grandma 5K, the Old Farts Marathon, Old Farts Half Marathon, The Who Cut the Cheese 5K,  The Wild West 50K, the T-Rex Trail Ten Miler, etc.. so don't delay...become an Official Old Fart Today!

Already a member?...don't let your membership "run out", just $5.00 bucks to renew an entire exciting season of racing discounts.

Today is the day that you change the way you think...and we change the way that you train...



40 years old= 14,610 days....50 years old= 18,263 days...60 years old= 21,915 days